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下田 真吾

下田 真吾 shimoda-mail

Shingo Shimoda is a Unit leader in Intelligent Behavior Control Unit at RIKEN BSI-TOYOTA Collaboration Center. He received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D from the University of Tokyo in 1999, 2001 and 2005. He joined Biomimetic Control Research Center at RIKEN in 2005 as a research scientist. In 2008, he became a unit leader in Autonomous behavioral control unit. He received General Chairs' Recognition Award in CDC 2009 and CoTeSys Cognitive Robotics Best Paper Award in IROS 2010. His research interests include autonomous control of mobile robots, robot control in microgravity environments and intelligence of robots.


Alvaro Costa Garcia

コスタ ガルシア アルバロ

ÁLvaro Costa García is a research scientist at the Intelligent Behavior Control Unit, BSI, RIKEN. He received M.S. degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Systems Engineering and Automation Department at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Spain (2013). He obtained a PhD in the Program on Industrial and Telecommunications Technology from the same university in 2016. During the PhD, his research was focussed on lower limb rehabilitation methods and the study of cognitive mechanisms related to gait through the evaluation of electroencephalographic signals. Recently, he has started studying cortico-muscular coherences in order to develop more efficient neuro rehabilitation techniques.

Ningjia Yang


Ningjia Yang is a research scientist at the Intelligent Behavior Control Unit, CBS, RIKEN. She received her B.S. from Department of Automation at Nankai University (China) in 2014. She obtained her M.S. and Ph.D from Department of Precision Engineering, the University of Tokyo (Japan) in 2017 and 2020 respectively. During the Ph.D, her research focused on the stroke rehabilitation and developed a novel method to evaluate the stroke patients and estimate the stroke recovery based on muscle synergy. She worked as a research associate in Robotics and Rehabilitation Lab, Columbia University in 2018. Recently, she started studying the cortico-spinal-muscular motor pathway to develop new training and rehabilitation methods.

Shotaro Okajima

岡島 正太郎

Shotaro Okajima received MSc in mechanical Engineering from Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at Nagoya University, Japan (2016). Since 2021, he works as a researcher at Intelligent Behavior Control Unit. He mainly conducts motion measurement and analysis using surface electromyography(sEMG). He also works on analyzing the effects on muscles or movements due to neural or muscular activities that individuals cannot control by using sEMG. In addition, he not only uses sEMG to measure muscle activity, but also works on inferring neural activity based on sEMG.


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Juan C. Moreno

Wojtara Tytus

Eduardo Iáñez

長井 力

安 琪

Alejandro Lopez Rincon

Fady Shibata-Alnajjar

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Matti Itkonen

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松井 雅代



Rukiye Aydin (University of Trento, Italy) 2020.2.15~2020.8.11


Ali Saeed Mohammed Salem Alshehhi(Khalifa University, UAE) 2019.6.10~2019.8.6

Asmaa Saeed Ali Bin Hareb Almheiri (Khalifa University, UAE) 2019.6.10~2019.8.6

Areej Mabrouk Abdrabo Salem Bin Amro (Khalifa University, UAE) 2019.6.10~2019.8.6


Hamda Khamis Sulaiman Musabbeh Alshamsi (UAE University, UAE) 2018.03.01~2018.04.30

Jamila Abdulla Arouq Salam Alnuaimi (UAE University, UAE) 2018.03.01~2018.04.30

Maythaa Khalfan Salim Alshawi Alghfeli (UAE University, UAE) 2018.03.01~2018.04.30

Pouya Ghasemlou (KAIST, South Korea) 2018.06.15~2018.08.08


Fatma Yaqoob Yousuf Al Jallaf (UAE University, UAE) 2017.02.02~2017.03.29

Laila Obaid Rashed Matar Alnuaimi (UAE University, UAE) 2017.02.02~2017.03.29

Fatima Hareb Saeed Almur Alneyadi (UAE University, UAE) 2017.02.02~2017.03.29

Mahra Abdulbaset Mohammed Alhay Alshamsi (UAE University, UAE) 2017.02.02~2017.03.29

Koutari Shimizu (Sapporo Medical University, Japan) 2017.11.13~2017.12.08


Goncalo Cardoso Lopes (Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal) 2016.06.15~2016.08.15

Ibrahim Mohammed Abubakr Hussain Bazarah(UAE University,UAE)2016.09.02~2016.11.24


Guillermo Asin Prieto(CSIC Spanish National Research Council, Spain) 2015.04.16~2015.05.08

Alvaro Costa Garcia(Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche, Spain) 2015.04.16~2015.05.15

Fatima Saeed Ali Bin Hareb Almheiri (UAE University, UAE) 2015.09.04~2015.11.27

Shaima Sulaiman Hamad Sultan Alameri(UAE University, UAE) 2015.09.04~2015.11.27

Asma Kamel Yousef Mohammed Almarzooqi (UAE University, UAE) 2015.09.04~2015.11.27

Jacob Dylon Shearer (University of Adelaide, Australia) 2015.10.19~2016.02.11

Cesar Armando Cantu Cavada (Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico) 2015.11.16~2016.12.02


Merabtene Mahdi(Univerity of Sharjah, UAE) 2014.10.27~2014.12.26


Joel VIAU(Univerity of Sherbrooke, CANADA) 2013.08.01~2013.11.15


Vincent Berenz

Maxime Tournier

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